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(Wir haben leider noch keine deutsche Übersetzung.)

Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the bug represent MOŽ!’s attitude towards the world. He fears it and its changing nature. He wants to retreat from it and yet is confronted by an outside, that reaches into his home. But isolated in his room, he cannot communicate with people. He tries to hide, but is hiding from his own fears which is reflected by the fact that, as a puppet, he tries to hide in the open space of his stage. In his short story Tju, Slovenian author Slavko Grum describes the white walls of a room, their emptiness and the waiting for a long expected visit. It may never come, as in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. MOŽ! is traveling only in his mind. Whatever is happening to him on stage, can only be a memory of past experiences or a hallucination of his troubled mind. In the end, these visions help him to get through his lonely days.

MOŽ! sit with me is the puppet’s autobiographical show, where his living environment, his only room and furniture, are introduced, as well as his fears and desires.

His language is solely composed out of different noises and sounds. They describe his emotional state, and let him utter his opinion. If he likes something, he is happy and curious. If he doesn’t like something, he becomes angry. And if he feels fear, his breathing becomes irregular and loud.


The dramaturgical structure of the show is based on MOŽ!’s emotional states and responses: love, fear, obedience, exhaustion, shock, panic and freedom. Each scene develops around one basic emotion. It starts with the expression of love and he dances tango with his lamp, until everything turns into a fearful situation. An atmosphere of war arises and he tries to hide behind his couch. His room turns into different places, which he is visiting in his imagination. At times he tries to escape from it, but he always comes back to his refuge. After all, he only feels safe in his room.

The puppet character MOŽ! didn’t rise from a concept, nor from a thoughtful dramaturgy. He is created out of a real life situation, that means he is created as a full character and not taken from a story or a part of it. This makes him conceptually free. It is also the reason, why the miniature puppet theatre is named after him. He is the main character in every show, which has been created so far and will be created in the future. Everything that happens, happens to him and at the same time because of him.

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